Kirk Reynoldson not exactly an angel

As the Kirk Reynoldson saga at the Knights shows no signs of going away, more headlines today being printed by Fairfax media relating to Kirk Reynoldson’s own contract dealings with his previous club the Melbourne Storm. Also in Newcastle, high profile Knights supporters including Jack Newton and John Singleton setting up a ‘war room’ with local businesses to brainstorm ideas, ultimately to force Brian Smith out of the coaching role at Newcastle.

Kirk Reynoldson has been portrayed in a favourable light by the media, an honest player who is not receiving a fair deal by his club in efforts to cut short his contract. In reports today however, it has come to light that Kirk Reynoldson and his manager were themselves not fully true to their word as they played games with the Melbourne Storm over contracts discussed and agreed to when Reynoldson was playing with the Storm in 2004.

The Storm have said Kirk Reynoldson initially didn’t have a good work ethic and his mindset and ability were brought along substantially by Craig Bellamy at Melbourne. The leading coach really bringing out the best in Reynoldson during his time at the Storm. Naturally Melbourne wanted to keep Kirk on-board and get some return from the effort they put into the Rugby League player. Reynoldson and his manager Les Ross had in principle agreed to extend terms with Melbourne beyond 2004, however an upgraded offer the next day from Newcastle saw Kirk Reynoldson jump ship and leave the Storm high and dry after they invested a tonne of work into the big back rower.

The story certainly carries a lot of weight, as Reynoldson has been painted as a media darling and looked to be the unfair loser over the Knights moves – however taking into account his actions at Melbourne, he really shouldn’t be throwing stones – as he burned the Storm to some degree in the same way.

In other developments, the fall out from Newcastle’s bad season has seen prominent businessman John Singleton join forces with Jack Newton and local Newcastle business’s to discuss ways that they can oust Newcastle coach Brian Smith. Also involved in the war is Reynoldson’s manager Les Ross. Ross is the father of former Melbourne Storm fullback Robbie and a businessmen with extensive experience in negotiation and financial planning.

It’s reported Ross holds the key to on-going discussions – as the Knights seeming take over from South Sydney as the club that struggles on field and continually fights internally.

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