NRL Finals: Dogs of war anyone?

Its probably the most overused cliche the Bulldogs have. “The Dogs of War” is a tag they have earned over the years because of their ability to win when the chips are down. Rape allegations, drug busts and late night scandals have been just some of the problems the Belmore based team has faced in recent years – however they have an uncanny knack of shutting it all out and winning big matches.

Well the Bulldogs need to find a phone-booth before Saturday night and quickly change into their superhero “Dogs of War” outfits.

They have been in woeful form over the past few months; admittedly hampered by injuries – but the talent they possess in their team is certainly enough to get some victories in the NRL finals ahead.

Only 3 short years ago, the Bulldogs were NRL Premiers. Players such as Willie Mason, Brent Sherwin, Andrew Ryan and Hazem El Masri were all there in 2004 and possess plenty of experience and big game nous to certainly make an impact this year.

Will the sleeping giant awake in 2007? What will it take for the Bulldogs to enter their take-no-prisoners style of Rugby League?

After an embarrassing loss only a week ago in Townsville, there is no doubt we will see a much more fired up and possibly aggressive Canterbury Bulldogs team this week.

Willie Mason got a chance to get the rust out last week and was impressive when he carried the ball and the likes of Andrew Ryan and Mark O’Meley will lift a gear with the loss of Sonny Bill Williams.

All the talk and headlines have centred on the Cowboys, including Thurstons recent Dally M win and the likes of Ash Graham and his impact on the game. The Bulldogs would privately be happy with the lack of attention, a perfect platform for them to sneak up on the Cowboys. The stakes are crystal clear, with Brisbane a certain loser in Week 1 – it would only take an upset from Souths over Manly and the Bulldogs exit the NRL finals if they lose Saturday night.

Bring your flak jackets folks, I am pretty sure we will see some “Dogs of War” come Saturday night.

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