Digital Photo Frames Online

Specialising in the supply of technology equipment such as a: 7 inch to 10 inch LCD digital picture frame or a portable DVD player, is the place to find all your LCD frames this Christmas. Currently offering a 5% discount over the festive season, they have a large range of LCD Photo Frames in various sizes, that can be quickly ordered online and delivered prior to Christmas.

Offering attractive prices to the public as well as wholesale and bulk orders, DigitalFramez accpet all major credit cards and PayPal within their online ordering system.

Their LCD frames also support all the latest technology formats. Certain models can handle formats such as: DivX, Movies, Mp3 and Xvid type formats.

For orders of 10 inch LCD photo frames, DigitalFramez are also offering a free 256MB SD memory card to go with your order, so you can start loading on your pictures right away.

LCD Photo Frames are certainly the future, your guests will be amazed at the rotating, high quality and stylish photos you have on display and unlike your older photo frames, the pictures won’t fade or lose any quality!

So get in quick for Christmas and look at the LCD photo frame options, through DigitalFramez orders are shipped the next day – so you can be sure of fast delivery.

TV Wall Brackets

With the growth of Plasma, LCD and all forms of flat screen TV’s – the demand for wall mounting and overall tv wall bracket supply has certainly grown.

When you spend quite a considerable amount of your flat screen television, you need to be confident that your moutning system is not only the ‘right’ fit and design, but it’s a quality product that is not going to damage or totally destroy your TV investment.

Thats where ‘dekomount’ comes in.

Featuring a comprehensive online store and backing their products with an 18 month warranty, they ensure your screen size and total weight is catered to properly by the relevant tv wall bracket.

Using their handy online tools, you can use such things as the ‘bracket finder’ and quickly determine the right wall mount for your device.

They also feature comprehensive phone support, so feel free to call them and ask any questions about their products. And any product ordered, will be delivered extremely quickly. So for total piece of mind, it’s a must to check out dekomount and their large offering on tv wallbrackets.

BT’s Broadband Options

BT currently features a wide range of broadband options to the marketplace. Their cheap broadband utilizes wi fi based equipment and not only enables you to receive fast paced internet, but you can take advantage of generous download limits and also enjoy features such as BT’s Vision Digital TV Recorder.

BT’s offerings truly are the UK’s best value and most comprehensive deals. You can start downloading at 8mb downstream, which will make surfing the web a whole new experience at such a high speed.

The other advantage of using BT, is their customer service is a sound addition to their product offerin. Their team will help you in deciding the correct plan, ensure your initial connection is simple and organised quickly and finally any issues you may have be it technical or accounts, they will quickly sort things out.

If you already have broadband, then switching to BT makes things even simpler. Simply follow the instructions from BT’s broadband webpage, and you can get things underway and start enjoying the cost effective and fast service soon after signup.

If you’re an existing BT broadband customer, then feel free to get in touch with BT to check if your eligble for the new wi fi plans and you too can take advantage of the ‘ultimate broadband solution!’

Roosters: Real Contenders in 2008?

So the Roosters have signed Willie Mason, Mark O’Meley and are faring well with juniors – the likes of the Folau brothers coming through their ranks. Combine these factors with the ability of Braith Anasta, Nate Myles and Sam Perret – are they serious contenders for NRL 2008?

Rugby League is a game with no guarantees. Just look at the new recruits heading to Bondi for next year. Willie Mason has no question marks over his ability, it’s simply his committment and work ethic that are sometimes a concern. This concern may also rub off on other teammates, if they fall under Willie’s spell – might they slacken off?

It’s a different story with Mark O’Meley, a work-a-holic, no nonsense forward – but the aging O’Meley these days is regularly injured. 2007 saw him battle several injuries and rarely reach peak fitness or form.

With Craig Wing departing and Joel Monaghan departing too – there is certainly some strike power leaving the club and in honesty, I think the club and the rookie coach in Brad Fittler need at least a year of Rugby League under their belts before they can realistically challenge for the NRL Premiership.

So 2008 should see improvement, and certainly with the junior base they have recruited – the future looks good, just don’t expect instant success – it’s something that’s never been achieved in the NRL.

Smarter Shopping for Xmas

If you are a smart shopper, you are already doing most of your Christmas shopping online. Now the next part is to ensure you are getting the BEST deal in terms of price and performance on the product you are buying.

Things just got easier…

An online comparison website now rates, prices and reviews many products for you instantly. So for example if you are looking for something like a laptop or electronic gizmo then visit SaveBuckets.Co.Uk and simply enter the item you’re looking for and get a complete run down on market prices from different outlets!

It couldn’t be simpler.

Featuring thousands of items, they cover every item under the sun. Bookmark it now and start saving yourself time and effort this Christmas!

Digital Framez!

The perfect way to display your photo’s in this digital age is using LCD display frames. Replacing your old standard photo frames; the new LCD type not only come in a range of sizes but they obviously will be rotating your choice of pictures regularly.

So gone are the days of boring old still frames for photographs – your visiting guests will be seeing ALL you photos as they alternate regularly. (All in high resolution as well)

These frames are an ideal Christmas gift for friends or family and they are something that will be used for a long time. are the specialists in digital picture frame and are offering a 5% discount over Christmas.

Raning in sizes from 7 to 15 inch frames, they are able to fit in any spot in your house. Simply load in your digital photos and hook up to the power and away you go. Some also feature remote control so customizing is even easier.

Check out the range today and be sure to collect your promotion code for the special offer.

Taps for Less!

Even your bathroom needs can now be sourced online! Choose from a wide range of products, at attractive prices for your bathroom, shower, taps or shower enclosures! offers a massive range of bathroom products; including brands such as: Mira Showers, Hudson Reed Taps and Showers and Home of Amber Taps and Showers.

The total number of products and accessories available numbers over 4000! Certainly a massive range. You can source things from heated towel racks, designer and classic taps, tiles, tubs and saunas.

The other advantage of dealing with is that they will deliver the goods for free, throughout the mainland UK. All major credit cards are accepted for payment, and your purchases are backed by a 100% guarantee.

All the bathroom taps from use ceramic valve technology, instead of older traditional washers. Meaning you get a smoother flow and a longer lasting product with less maintenance.

The motto of is ” We strive to provide top quality goods and genuine value for money” so if its a new vanity or some other type of bathroom furniture you’re after, or a replacement set of taps – checking out is a must!

NRL Rugby League

As we sit deep in the summer off-season, NRL Rugby League is probably having it’s happiest off-season ever. David Gallop and those in the corridors of power at the NRL must be extremely happy as Rugby League headlines continue to arrive and continue discussions while the game enjoys its yearly rest

With talk of the upcoming World Cup of Rugby League, the Willie Mason / Bulldogs affair and more recently the Mark Riddell assault – Rugby League remains firmly in the media spotlight. While some may argue the reasons aren’t ideal, in the big bad world of marketing it doesn’t matter – any headline is a good headline. It’s the stuff marketers dream of, not only back page news; but pushing prime summer sports off the pages and tossing Rugby League to the forefront.

As a serious Rugby League fan you always dread the off-season, trying to take your mind off the waiting by watching some cricket or catching some off-season NRL replays, or even old Rugby League games on Fox’s ‘League Legends’ program.

However, us deprived Rugby League fans should not only be happy with the headlines being generated in the usual quiet season, but the overall outlook of the game is certainly back on the way up.

The wounds left from the Super League War continue to heal, we saw the Gold Coast Titans enter the NRL in 2007. In other areas we saw the struggling South Sydney Rabbitohs not only thrown a lifeline by Russell Crowe and Peter Holmes a Court, but thrive. The Bunnies bolting into their first finals outing in many years.

Amalgmated clubs are working closely together and achieving much more impressive results for their fans, the quality of our game is sparkling with raw, talented juniors. Some may complain about the exodus to the UK Super League – this is directly due to the salary cap, and it means our teams are kept as even as possible and we continue to see the most even NRL tables year after year. As players take the cash in the UK Super League, there is always someone good enough ready to step up – it continues to happen, as we see the likes of Israel Folau, Kris Inu and Jarryd Hayne strutting their stuff for their Rugby League clubs.

In 2008, we not only see the return of quality NRL Rugby League to our screens – but it’s the centenary of Rugby League. A massive occasion to celebrate the game we love – “The Greatest Game of All” and we are set to be spolit with the hosting of the Rugby League World Cup, and facing possibly the strongest British Lions side in many, many years. The Lions totally dominated the Kiwi side and are setting their sights on the fancied Australian side – it’s truly a feast of Rugby League in 2008, starting with the Challenge Cup where the Melbourne Storm will travel to the UK to face the Leeds Rhinos in a match where the Australian team starts as underdogs for once; facing the problems of foreign soil, weather and lack of match play.

While somethings in Rugby League won’t change in 2008; such as the long delay leaving Leichhardt Oval by car, or Nathan Brown facing another year with plenty calling for his head, the interruption of major injuries to players and their teams and of course Bill Harrigan making the big calls from his eye in the sky.

All we need now to put the icing on the cake for 2008, is for Tina Turner to make a come back and give us her famous Rugby League Anthem “Simply the Best” in what would be a sensational advertising package, that would keep us rocking along during another great year of Rugby League. Yep, it will always be “The Greatest Game of All!”

Blog Publishing Solutions

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