Sharks manage to save sponsors

Greg BirdCronulla Sharks power brokers have somehow managed to retain a restless sponsor today; PFK Chartered Accountants reported to be in talks with the club for several hours – wanting to clear the air over the Greg Bird alleged assault affair.

Sharks sleeve sponsor PKF Chartered Accountants were apparently set to walk away from the under-fire club, until an eleventh hour crisis meeting called by Sharks chief exec. Tony Zappia, coach Ricky Stuart and PKF senior management – apparently was able to save the club backing.

“I would like to announce that PKF will continue to support the Cronulla Sharks on the condition that a proportion of PKF’s sponsorship spend be put towards a formalised player welfare program focussed on the development and mentoring of all Shark’s players,” claimed PKF CEO David Ratcliffe in an electronic mail to staff members.

“Certainly, on the basis of the introduction of such a development program for the Shark’s players, PKF will remain associated with a team who shares PKF’s core values of respect, trust and integrity.”

PKF is only a single year in of their 3-season contract with the club, reports suggesting they inject up to $300,000 each year into the Sharks club.

The recent headlines involving Greg Bird concerned the sponsor and they were concerned the reputation of their brand could suffer from the poor exposure.

The Sharks have not made any comment on the on-going arrangement at this stage.

2 thoughts on “Sharks manage to save sponsors”

  1. I just thought I’d let you know that this week I’ve decided to finally give
    League the complete flick.

    My sons and I have followed Cronulla for 15 years but it’s now clear that
    you can’t manage your players; they’re socially & intellectually retarded
    and I’ll give league less than 10 years to extinction.

    Both my sons now follow Sydney FC.

    You’ve done a pathetic job of managing your brand!

    Please feel free to be deeply embarrased & I suggest you ponder other career


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