Sonny Bill Williams injured already

Sonny Bill Williams InjuryIt seems former NRL big name Sonny Bill Williams has returned to his much talked about injury-prone ways. With SBW already out injured from the Toulon Rugby side.

Some even joked during SBW’s defection to Rugby Union; asking the question “Do Toulon know that Sonny Bill only plays 1 game a month on average?” – Well it seems this line of thinking was spot on the money.

Just under 30 days after linking with Toulon, the law breaking Kiwi is now out of action for at least 3 weeks with Toulon Rugby officials confirming he will not be playing over the next 20 days or so.

Information and reports on the Rugby code coming from France have not disclosed the type of injury Sonny Bill Williams has, only saying he had been hurt during Saturday’s draw with Brive.

Just over a month ago, the 23-year-old superstar controversially walked out mid-season on the Bulldogs rugby league club to cash in on the big money on offer for his services in Europe.

Williams’ NRL career was blighted by injury, with the athletic 1.91m and 106kg New Zealander being forced to spend too much time on the sidelines for a player of his rich talents.

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  1. A bit of biased reporting, who said SBW only plays 1 game per season?? Leave the guy in peace for god sake. At least he’s not as dodgy as Shane Warne!

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