Broncos Trio Confirm Sex ‘Consentual’

Under fire Brisbane trio Hunt, Thaiday and Boyd have refuted claims they sexually assaulted the female in question at a Brisbane nitespot on Saturday night, saying the whole liasion was consented to by all parties.

The 3 leading NRL players, who will remain in the Broncos team to clash with Melbourne this weekend in the NRL finals series, will continue to take part in all remaining games despite the allegations surrounding them – after Queensland Police Minister Judy Spence confirmed the followup by Police could possibly take much longer.

Sources suggest that the Broncos trio Karmichael Hunt, Darius Boyd and Sam Thaiday have been assisting Police with current inquries.

NRL reported yesterday that cases such as this involving the Broncos NRL players or similar high profile celebrities should mean that the complainant also must be forced to release their name; instead of being able to make claims in total anonimity. Regardless of the outcome, the Broncos trio are now tarnished to some extent where as the accuser suffers much less consequences depending on the outcome.

Sources mentioned that cell phones belonging to the Broncos trio were taken and examined, potentially trying to discover the alleged ‘filming’ of the incident. However, others in the same area on Saturday night believed there was no actual filming that took place.

Broncos boss Bruno Cullen has continued his dialogue with local Police, after the headline making accusation made by a 24-year-old woman, the day after a long evening at the popular Alhambra Lounge.

The Broncos too are looking into the events with their own in-house PI team, the long night unfolding after celebrations kicked off after a hard fought win over the Sydney Roosters.

“I would encourage people not to pre-judge these players or the events surrounding this incident on the weekend, come along to the Broncos match this weekend.” said Premier Anna Bligh.

The situation isn’t being helped by additional allegations aimed at the Broncos on Saturday night after claims of spitting at members of the public, groping women or queue jumping at taxi stands were made.

The Broncos have no plans to stand down the three after they told club officials and police that they had not sexually assaulted the woman. The only official comment from the club was in the form of a statement issued by Cullen.

“The Brisbane Broncos’ internal investigation team has continued its work today on the allegations against three of its players,” he said. “As advised yesterday, the team is co-operating with Queensland police in this regard.

“This morning I met with two senior police officers in charge of the police investigation and we covered the process followed to date by both parties.

“We also confirmed our resolve to work together to ensure all the facts are presented by all witnesses. The Broncos have taken further steps this afternoon to make sure this happens in an orderly and practical manner, as soon as possible.”

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  1. The bulldogs were hung out to dry,98% of qld wanted them out of the comp,now their very own are in trouble,and they are covering the issue,every qlder are saying they are young men who are enjoying themselves,onec there is dirt in your own backyard you cober it up,but some else the dirt gets up again.

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