NRL fines Storm bosses $50,000

Craig BellamyStorm coach Craig Bellamy and club boss Brian Waldron were today slapped with a whopping $50,000 fine by the NRL after the pair cut loose on the NRL and it’s judicial system following their 28-0 preliminary victory over Cronulla last night.

Bellamy used the press conference following his sides win over the Sharks to take aim at the NRL and the fact they have ousted Melbourne captain Cameron Smith for the Grand Final.

NRL chief executive David Gallop was in disbelief over the outbursts from Bellamy and Waldron calling the pairs comments “an unprecedented premeditated attack on the NRL and its judiciary system.”

“The accusations that they made were irrational, baseless and at times bordered on hysterical.

“Those accusations attack the integrity of the NRL and its judiciary system and for that reason on Monday they will receive a breach notice for the sum of $50,000.”

The fine handed down to the Storm was a record amount, the highest ever dished out by the NRL.

The reactions from Bellamy and co. seem quite amazing considering the fact that Cameron Smith was clearly at fault over his head attacking actions. The rule is quite simple, you cannot attack the head or neck of an opposing player – the Storm have flirted with their tactics for some time now. When you fly close to the wind, you must be prepared to wear the circumstances.

The tactics imposed by the Storm have won them a premiership and could possibly secure them a second premierhip in 3 years. They have been the best team for the most part of 3 years, but during that time they have developed tactics that in some cases are illegal.

Cameron Smith clearly broke the rules when tackling Sam Thaiday. End of story. He already had ‘loading’ against his name from a conviction in Round 1, 2008 – hence the longer suspension. End of story.

But coach Bellamy was stinging in his outburst against the code’s administration over their handling of Melbourne skipper Cameron Smith’s grapple tackle suspension.

“I don’t think Cameron Smith got a fair go,” Bellamy said in his post match press conference.

“Cameron Smith, ten minutes after the game last week, was hung out to dry.

“The press conference … got hijacked by some of you guys in the media that had him hung out to dry straight away and then it continued for four or five days.”

“There’s some sections of the media that seem to have an agenda against Melbourne and certainly the grapple tackle.

“It’s my player that misses out on a grand final opportunity and I think he’s been hard done by here.”

Bellamy has reportedly retracted his initial comments regarding the situation, however he remained insistent that Smith had not had a fair go.

“The other thing that was very smelly about the whole lot was when I saw in the paper on Wednesday morning and there’s a betting market – $1.18 he’s going to be found guilty, $4.25 he’ll be found innocent.

“That’s a fair spread in a two horse race.

“Bookmakers and betting agencies, they don’t guess, they’ve got good information – take that as you may.

“As soon as I saw that on Wednesday morning … he was thousands.”

Waldron was critical of the system which allowed Sharks coach Ricky Stuart to make comments about Smith’s tackle on Brisbane forward Sam Thaiday, as he was adamant those words influenced the judiciary.

“Opposition coaches, opposition officials, other officials in positions of responsibility of the game should not be commenting before the judiciary,” Waldron said.

“It doesn’t happen in other sports … it questions the integrity of our game at the core and we need some leadership to fix it.

“To allow Ricky Stuart to make those comments is an absolute disgrace and a blight on the game and we need to address that.”

3 thoughts on “NRL fines Storm bosses $50,000”

  1. their the only guys to man up and say something about the system which governs our game.its a shame these so called people have as great influence in whats to be and not to be,idiots if you ask me stuart included why wait till finals to charge the games best players etc we want those players on the field producing finals type football.Change the the so called heirachy of our beloved game its dragging it down.

  2. David Gallop, you have demonstrated once again how naive, inept and childish a CEO you really are. For any CEO to come out, appearing emotional and angry at the Melbourne Storm CEO and Coach’s comments the night before, demonstrates how clumsy you are, and unnecessary to say the least. No wonder this code is going backwards with some one like you at the helm.

    You should take a leaf out of Ben Buckley’s, Andrew Demetriou’s and John O’Neill’s career books, and come across with dignity, not subjectivity, come across in a considered manner, not emotional, and lastly come across as someone who loves the game, not doing it as a “job”.

    I watched your performance yesterday from over here in New York, and you looked like a country football CEO, who had been out on the town the night before. You failed to address the “claims” of the two Melbourne representatives, indeed, you lambasted them for exactly the same things that you carried out in your clumsy media report. The two Melbourne executives made two claims, rightly or wrongly, in the right or wrong manner, in the right or wrong place, yet you failed to deal with their issues, you decided, emotionally to attack them, not the issues.

    Mr Gallop, you are a very poor CEO, this along with a number of similarly handled issues (such as poor player behaviour) consider, under your leadership, is another example of why you need to go. I humbly suggest that you resign after the NRL Grand Final, and do it with what was missing yesterday, dignity and class!!

    Hamish Coomer


  3. I would just like to express my opinion re the treatment of the out of
    Sydney teams namely Melbourne, Auckland,

    Brisbane, The Gold Coast & Newcastle. My gripe is if The NRL dose not
    want these teams to win the comp why

    have then in in the first place, the treatment of Auckland & Melbourne
    in particular by the officials & the judiciary has

    been nothing short of scandalous, I refer to the number of disallowed
    try’s by Auckland against the Roosters + the

    penalty try for the Roosters & also the treatment of Cam Smith. Is it any
    wonder the fan base is falling of for the

    NRL & picking up for the AFL. I’m one disillusioned ex fan of the NRL. I
    do hope Melbourne thrash Manly on the

    weekend but with the mindset of the officials it will be difficult.

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