Storm hot property with sponsors

Melbourne Storm sponsorshipFinishing on top of the NRL ladder three years in a row has cemented Melbourne Storm’s standing as an elite sporting organisation in this country. Now it would seem the club is the benchmark off the field as well.


In the latest S-Comm report, produced by Australia’s leading sponsorship research and evaluation company, Repucom, the Melbourne Storm jersey is the most valuable property across both the NRL and AFL, with more than $4.2 million generated in media return in season 2008.


This figure takes into account only the front of the jersey, and the top of the back of the jersey, however when all five key commercial partners are joined together, the media value returns are even more stunning.


The Storm’s five key sponsors, HostPLUS, Medibank Private, Suzuki, Jayco and Reebok, all enjoyed outstanding commercial success in 2008 in their association with the club.


Media exposure value generated for Melbourne’s five key sponsors was in excess of $15.8 million, an increase of nearly 40% compared with 2007, 65% compared with 2006, and a staggering 250% compared with 2005.


“This is an outstanding result considering we operate in an extremely tough market,” said Storm CEO Brian Waldron.


“But it is clearly the consequence of a combination of strong on-field performance, and commercial partners who work with us to leverage their sponsorships.


“We are a brand now that can deliver tremendous exposure for our commercial partners.”


New sleeve partner Suzuki were the big winners compared with the sleeve partners of the other 15 NRL clubs, finishing $3.2 million higher in media exposure value than the second best NRL club.


However, not only is the Melbourne Storm’s jersey the most valuable in Australian football, but television audience numbers prove they are also one of the most popular viewing teams in the country as well.


Across all four football codes, the Storm ranked fifth in relation to television audiences, and third when only NRL clubs are taken into account.


And to top it all off, a whopping 49% of the Melbourne television audience tuned in to watch the 2008 Grand Final.


“If you combine these results with our consistent increase in our supporter base which has grown by 50% over our last two years, our brand is really well positioned to continue the growth of rugby league in both this market and the rest of Australia,” said Waldron.


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