Footy Show loses Harragon for 2009

NRL Footy ShowChanges to the struggling Channel 9 NRL Footy Show for 2009 has caused the departure of another member in Paul “The Chief” Harragon. Forming part of the team for 14 years, Harragon will no longer be beside Paul Vautin, Matt Johns and Laurie Daley in 2009.

The reason for Harragon walking away was apparently due to a revamp of the format; changes which Harragon says he wasn’t keen to be a part of.  The departure of the Chief comes nearly 2 years after leading commentator Peter Sterling chose to part ways with the aging show. At the time some punters felt Sterlo may have been axed; however Sterling merely saw the writing on the wall for the program and picked the perfect time to walk away as the show struggled for crowd pulling ability.

“The Footy Show, like any business is undergoing big changes for its future success,” said ‘The Chief’ today.

“I was very pleased to be offered a role as a part of that future, however after some careful consideration I have come to the conclusion that the time is right for me to move on.”

During 2008; ratings continued to slide for the show. It was the worst year on record for the Thursday night program – in some instances even the ABC was toppling the once powerhouse show in the 9.30 slot. Surprisingly Nine boss David Gyngell remained supportive of the program, with many amazed it remained unchanged for so long. In contrast the Foxtel run panel show headed by Warren Smith continued to go from strength to strength; with many saying they preferred a comprehensive Rugby League review as opposed to ‘Hey Hey It’s Saturday’ style show hosted by ex-Footy players.

Changes for the show in 2009 remain under-wraps; with Nine’s director of event television Gary Burns confirming that Paul Harragon’s personality and humour would be missed.

“While Paul’s decision is understandable it is still sad,” Burns said.

“He was one of the prime-time originals and is much loved by not only the audience but his fellow hosts and all of the production staff.

“We will all miss him. Weekly production meetings aren’t going to be as much fun without the Chief.”

The show is set to return to the air in March.

3 thoughts on “Footy Show loses Harragon for 2009”

  1. can some one please tell me the no bs story as to why channel nine melbourne refuse to show the NRL footy show live on their hd channel?
    sydney channel nine show the AFL footy show on their hd channel so why cant or should i say inst it being done down in melbourne?

  2. As a kiwi this woman coming forward with these cliams makes me sick and ashamed that she is a kiwi. She has been reported to bragging about the event to work mates after it happened as reported on TV3 news, and is not the first time she has had a rubgy/ league encounter!. Unfortunatley this has cost Matty and more so his family all the harm, as a keen Footy show fan I would have to say that your company has made the wrong choice in sacking him and this certainly a view shared by majority as polled by our local radio stations 90% plus in favour of Matty. To continue viewing your show wouldnt be right with my view being with that of the 90% interviewed.


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