NRL make embarrasing logo error

Petero Civoniceva Dragons Logo ErrorIt seems the Penrith Panthers cannot escape from marketing blunders in the past few months; although this time – it is the NRL at fault, making a logo error on their official website

Only a few weeks ago, the Panthers hit the headlines after their marketing company published a picture of a Canberra Raiders team shot on official Panthers marketing material. The document circulated to many members before the pin was pulled on the leaflet.

Now, the NRL has made a marketing blunder – publishing the promotional Panthers picture featuring captain Petero Civoniceva albeit with a St George Illawarra Dragons logo on his chest.

You can check out the latest blunder here:

While a basic error, the coverage is sure to frustrate already disillusioned Penrith fans and it paints the NRL in a poor light given the high rate of visitors that would have seen the error in the Panthers section.

The timing for the Penrith club isn’t ideal, not only have they had their problems with marketing recently; they’ve been experiencing poor on-field results in recent years and face intense pressure in the build up to the 2009 kick-off.

Coach Matt Elliott was close to parting ways with the club and needs to perform early or risk another year that drags on painfully.

The Panthers only have a couple of players remaining from their 2003 NRL Premiership winning season after many departures over the past few years.

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