Moi Moi won’t be sacked by Eels

Fui Fui Moi Moi NRL EelsHeadlines are swirling around Eels bullocking prop Fui Fui Moi Moi today regarding his late return to Sydney after a delayed holiday in Tonga.

While Parramatta have an investigation into why Moi Moi was late returning to duties; but Eels sources suggest that it’s purely a media beat up and the chances of Moi Moi being sacked are virtually nil. The Moi Moi clan were apparently cut-off from transport in the South Pacific as flooding and storms made travel impossible.

The Eels do want to confirm the story to ensure Moi Moi hasn’t misled officials. However if Moi Moi is caught out, the Eels will lean towards suspension or other discipline action as opposed to chopping the talented prop. The Eels have struggled for muscle up front in recent times and when fully fit Moi Moi is considered a powerhouse in the NRL tournament; there would be little chance the club would tear up the existing deal.

As the NRL season approaches and media outlets chase Rugby League stories; it is possible for things to be blown way out of proportion and this is the case with the reporting on Moi Moi at the Eels.

Moi Moi is apparently set to return to the training paddock today with Eels teammates. Player manager Roy Spagnola, will apparently be on hand to explain the delayed trip back to Australia.

Unless Parramatta are convinced his late arrival was unavoidable, Moi Moi may be docked pay or sent to park football for a given timeframe.

Earlier this week, Moi Moi’s manager Spagnola said there was no way the player could have got home from Tonga any quicker than he did.

There was wide reporting of the storms and floods in Fiji, it’s believed these weather conditions also hampered various other South Pacific islands also.

“Fui Fui was on a small island, not on the mainland,” Spagnola said.

“He’s been waiting since last Wednesday to get a flight back.

“He should have been back on (January 8) so he’s about nine or 10 days late. But he will be at training (today).”

Spagnola had been in contact with his player on the phone and asked him to call Eels coach Daniel Anderson to keep him informed of the situation.

“I don’t think the coach was happy about it but he basically said, ‘Get back as soon as you can’,” Spagnola said.

With the Eels battling an average season in 2008, along with the fact veteran forwards Hindmarsh and Cayless are in the twilight of their careers – they would be crazy to set Moi Moi free. The Togan forward was in hot demand when previously off-contract, with the Storm going all out to nab him before the Eels fought out an alleged forged contract signing saga.

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