Eels: Moi Moi only cops fine

Fui Fui Moi Moi fined Parramatta EelsAs predicted by NRL News earlier this week – Eels prop Fui Fui Moi Moi was only handed a fine for his late return to Eels duties. After returning 2 weeks late from his Pacific Island holiday, an extremely far fetched story was hatched by local media outlets predicting the Parramatta club would sack Moi Moi.

Close to the Eels best forward in recent times, there would be any amount of clubs lining up to sign Moi Moi if he was sacked – making the claims even more ridiculous; however with the NRL season still several weeks away – it seems media outlets will work hard to sell their products.
Moimoi was back into training on Tuesday, where he and his manager held a short meeting with Eels boss Denis Fitzgerald and new coach Daniel Anderson to work through the delayed return to duties.

Moi moi was handed a breach notice late Wednesday; for an amount which is yet unconfirmed.

Moi Moi was naturally unhappy about the whole situation and has offered to do extra training to make up for lost time with the team.

With several departures at the Eels in recent years including; Tim Smith, Mark Riddell, PJ Marsh, Chad Robinson and Timana Tahu – plus the fact that Parramatta have been virtually dormant in the recruitment department, there was no way in the world Moi Moi was getting booted.Interestingly, the story around Moi Moi continued to get air-time in the media – when Brett Finch was interviewed, apparently trying to add weight to the arguement.

With poor results last year, the Parramatta club will be under the pump from Day 1 in the 2009 season. This minor setback regarding Moi Moi hasn’t been the ideal start so far.

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