The Nathan Hindmarsh re-invention

Nathan Hindmarsh EelsParramatta Eels veteran backrower Nathan Hindmarsh is working hard to re-invent himself in time for the 2009 NRL kick off.

The former NSW Origin and Australian backrower has confirmed new coach Daniel Anderson has pushed him hard in pre-season training, asking the experienced Eels forward to shed some kilos in an effort to re-invent himself.

Hindmarsh, 29, is edging closer to the end of his NRL career and in recent years has suffered a similar fate to former representative mate Craig Fitzgibbon – both being branded ‘tackling machines’, players that are too busy in defence to have any impact with the ball in their hand.

But just like Fitzgibbon did in 2008 at the Sydney Roosters, Hindmarsh believes a fresh outlook with assistance from a new coach could be the turning point for him to give the Eels the edge and possibly see him return to representative circles.

It took a new coach in Brad Fittler for Fitzgibbon to find his groove and shirk some of his heavy defence workload; and for Hindmarsh the arrival of Daniel Anderson probably comes at the ideal time.

With only a few years of the big time left, Hindmarsh knows times running out to grab that elusive NRL Premiership. Anderson has asked his leading backrower to strip 5 kilos from his frame in the hope more mobility will be the answer to attacking woes.

A self-confessed ‘Cadbury Chocolate’ man, Hindmarsh has had success so far in stripping 4 kilos of body weight and while he confirmed that coach Anderson is working the team overtime compared to recent pre-seasons, there remains a buzz around the club.

“It’s been tougher than it has been in the last couple of years,” Hindmarsh said.

“I think, he (Anderson) can be a bit cranky every now and then.

“So he’s got us training very hard and the hours are a bit longer than what we’re used to.

“It’s a good challenge.”

The Eels have lost several players for 2009 including Mark Riddell, Tony Williams and Chad Robinson to name a few – however officials have refrained from any heavy recruitment drives; preferring to focus on developing junior talent at their disposal.

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