Wes Naiqama cleared by Police

Wes Naiqama Beer Cup Throwing AllegedIt may be another case of false accusations by the public, as NRL star Wes Naiqama was cleared by Newcastle Police yesterday.

After an alleged cup throwing incident, a female apparently came forward days later to complain of the situation that supposedly involved Naiqama. However, the Knights are reported to be conducting their own investigation into the issue which means the player might not be out of the woods just yet.

Naiqama was suspended by the Knights this Wednesday after he was named by local police, allegedly throwing a perspex schooner glass at a female in a Newcastle pub.

While today’s news is totally positive for the Knights player, he will obviously be concerned by the Knights insistence to conduct their own investigations.

The Knights disciplinary group will get together to confirm if any action should be commenced against the utility player.

The clearing by Police again raises the question of the public making false or exaggerated claims against NRL players; once again the persons making the complaint remain well away from the public spotlight and usually aren’t worse off for making the claims. The Broncos alleged sexual assault claims last year were eventually dropped, as the female making the claims apparently had big holes in her story. It’s getting to the point where NRL players cannot frequent most public watering holes as they will generally be targetted for one reason or another.

The Knights however, want to clear the player in their own minds;

“We were pleased to receive the phone call from the police today, but we will be satisfying ourselves directly when we hold tomorrow’s meeting,” Knights CEO Steve Burraston said.

“The disciplinary committee will determine if there has been a breach of the club’s code of conduct and if so will recommend any necessary sanctions for the board’s consideration.”

Naiqama is still working his way back from a knee injury and isn’t expected to play in the early season rounds for the Knights.

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