Dale Shearer regains consciousness

Dale Shearer Porsche Crash PicQueensland Origin start Dale Shearer has regained consciousness tonight but remains in a critical conditions after crashing his Porsche while allegedly driving at high speed. While Shearers condition improved tonight, it will still be some time before the answers are known to this horrific incident.

It seems the investigations undertaken by Police have involved blood samples being taken to test for alcohol and the Rugby League world remains stunned and saddened at the continuing horror run that seems to have engulfed Shearer and his family.

Police allege that high speeds were involved in the incident and will continue their investigations and naturally discuss things with Shearer when his condition improves.

Now 43 years old, Shearer was apparently returning home on Saturday after attending a birthday party for a friend on the Sunshine Coast. Apparently as Shearer drove along the motorway, Police will allege he was driving in excess of the speed limit and was attempting to evade them.

“When he’s seen the police vehicle, he’s accelerated away,” Senior Constable David Lonergan of the Sunshine Coast Forensic Crash Unit said. “He was definitely exceeding the speed limit.”

Sen-Constable Lonergan said as Police turned to give chase, by the time they turned around – the Porsche’s “CRUZN” number plate couldn’t be seen.

“So they have continued south of the motorway and then come across the crash at Peregian Springs,” he said.

“There was no pursuit.”

It seems Shearer came to grief after missing a roundabout turn, crashing his vehicle. He was unconscious at the scene and was assisted until an ambulance arrived.

It was just 10 days after the first anniversary of the death of Shearer’s wife Delyse, who lost her battle with breast cancer last year at the age of 39.

Shearer was left to raise their two sons, Jesse, 17, and Jakson 14, on his own.

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