Balmain Tigers Rape Allegations

Balmain Tigers LogoSeveral Sydney rugby league players from the Balmain Tigers have been spoken to by police over an alleged rape on the Sunshine Coast over the weekend.

The allegations involve an apparent rape of a 23-year-old woman at a motel in the Caloundra area in the early hours of the morning.

The lady making the allegations has apparently appeared on TV where bruising was displayed on her neck, she alleges this was a result of the attack.

“She was screaming her lungs out and crying and no one didn’t care,” the girls dad told Channel 7 media.

Balmain Tigers chairman, David Trodden, was aware that police had spoken to several squad members from the NSW Cup team over the allegations.

“I know there were some allegations made to police at Caloundra,” Mr Trodden added.

“And I know that the club and a couple of the players co-operated with police in relation to those allegations.”

At this stage, Police and authorities won’t release details of who has been interviewed.

“We are looking into an alleged rape up at Caloundra,” authorities confirmed.

As yet no charges have been laid.

National Rugby League boss David Gallop, said Mr Trodden had told him about the situation at hand.

“He told me that there’d been a complaint but the current feedback from police was that it would not be pursued,” Mr Gallop confirmed to the media.

“The NRL will continue to monitor developments closely. They’re technically not NRL players but obviously we still take a big interest.

“It’s really now a matter for the police at this stage.”

Mr Trodden confirmed the Balmain Tigers officials would also do their own investigations into the alleged incident.

The Balmain side was in Queensland taking part in the pre-game at Stockland Stadium, where the Broncos and Storm eventually played their match in front of 8,000 spectators.

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