Gallop: Manly warned in 2008

Manly SeaEagles Rooftop Celebrations 2008As the situation around Manly continues to heat up, NRL boss David Gallop has spoken to the media today confirming he had warned Manly about their excessive behaviour soon after their NRL Grand Final victory.

While stopping short of banning alcohol completely, Gallop was concerned about Manly’s roof-top antics in their home town soon after their big win, with some players drinking excessively and mooning media cameras at the time. Gallop made mention of the incident at the time and it seems he was right on the money, with the Manly club seemingly having their fair share of problems in early 2009. If only the Manly club had heeded the warnings of the National Rugby League boss several months ago;

Such is the concern over NRL players and alcohol, that leading commentator Phil Gould has discussed the idea of a complete booze ban. While weary of such a big step, Gould hinted that it might be the only way players can be saved from themselves as they seemingly drink without responsibility.

In the latest news on the Brett Stewart situation, the alleged victim apparently lives in the same complex as Brett Stewart. A ‘villa’ style housing complex, the alleged incident is said to have taken place on the driveway of the complex (not in a stairwell as initially reported).

The alleged incident happened much earlier in the evening that first thought, with the alleged victim apparently out the front of the complex that Stewart lives in for a cigarette well before midnight when the alleged meeting with Stewart occured. Her father apparently hearing shouts for help from his daughter at the time.

The AVO in place prevents Brett Stewart from returning to his home at present, it’s believed he is living with his girlfriend temporarily.

While these are all only allegations at this stage, Manly fans have begun to add their own commentary to the highly sensitive situation. As investigations continue, Manly fans have made comment on websites around the world; mostly in support of their player. The media attention and passion from fans is concerning the accusers family, with their intentions apparently to relocate out of Manly for the time being – fearing a backlash from supporters.

Manly return to training tomorrow, with Brett Stewart believed to be attending at this stage. However, as investigations continue it could follow a similar path to that of Greg Bird when he found himself at the centre of assault allegations last year – his club standing him down until the allegations could be heard in court.

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