No charges for Anthony Watmough

Anthony Watmough David Williams Wolfman KissThe situation involving a Manly Sea Eagles sponsor and Anthony Watmough looks to have gone away, with Police confirming today they have finished their investigations into an alleged assault against a club sponsor by Anthony Watmough at the Sea Eagles season launch.

As it stands, no further action with be undertaking – leaving Watmough to concentrate on NRL for 2009.

The man at the centre of the Watmough allegations, a club sponsor who is only known as ‘Paul’, said the alleged incident took place when Watmough acted rudely towards the sponsors’s daughter, who was also attending the season launch.

Authorities confirming today, of the sponsor did not wish to pursue the matter. While these were only allegations, the sponsor must be admired for not resorting to legal avenues – preferring to let the matter go to rest.

Considering the intense pressure the Manly club are under, the situation around Watmough if followed through could have been disastrous. However, with this matter now laid to rest – the club can focus on digging themselves out of countless other holes.

In relation to the other allegations surrounding Brett Stewart, the NRL intervened today and banned Stewart until Round 5 of the NRL. The decision has been accepted by Manly, however they are appealing the $100,000 fine imposed on the club this morning.

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