Bulldog Holdsworth in Cronulla Brawl

Daniel Holdsworth Brawl Cronulla MallWhile another Round of great NRL was being played out, sadly we were without the off-field player drama over the weekend – with Bulldogs half Daniel Holdsworth caught up in a late night brawl at the new crime hotspot – Cronulla. 

It was another Cronulla based incident, with officials fearing that the ‘the Shire’ as locals call it – has quickly become the new ‘Kings Cross’ of Sydney.  With plenty of night spots to attract the crowds at night, the beach side suburb has become a haven for crime, scuffles and dirty, drunken behaviour.

For Holdsworth, already playing the Bulldogs lower grades – the media attention was the last thing he needed. With the Bulldogs winning, this trouble will only delay his possible return to the top grade.

The brawl happening outside the Cronulla Mall after Holdsworth was initially denied entry to a night spot. Reports suggest the brawl also involved a friend of Holdsworth.

The Bulldogs half ran from th scene immediately after but was chased down by nearby police officers. This was surprising, given the fitness of an NRL player, the Police deserve an honorable mention here for winning the foot race.

He was questioned for more than 30 minutes, but was not arrested or charged.

Police investigations are continuing this morning, with detectives requesting CCTV footage of the incident.

Holdsworth has already explained the situation to Bulldogs officials. A club response suggesting Holdsworth did not throw any punches and was “up front and honest” in telling the club.

The Bulldogs have launched their own investigation and coach Kevin Moore will speak to Holdsworth this morning. Holdsworth played for the Bulldogs’ NSW Cup feeder team, the Bankstown City Bulls on Saturday.

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