Berlin Wall crashes down at Parramatta

Denis Fitzgerald Parramatta Eels CEOThe future of Parramatta Eels boss Denis Fitzgerald is in tatters, as his reign of 30 years at the Eels club has been shattered after a massive voting backlash against the current directors.

The new 3P ticket romping to victory and obtaining full control of the League’s club board.

All 7 nominees from the new ticket got home to secure seats on the board and they gained more than double the votes of their opposition. The overall vote attracting more than 2000 votes.

The final verdict of the vote came at around 10 pm last night.

When the result was announced last night at the club, the roar from the patrons was enormous as the previous regime was left shattered.

With the new board at the helm, they have announced they will immediately look to outst Fitzgerald from his position – however, shifting the former emperor from his throne won’t be easy. Fitzgerald has never been one to go quietly, so it seems the new board members may have to pay him out if they sack him or find a technicality to oust him without financial penalty.

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