Video Referee Beyond Repair

Video Referee in NRL dire straightsThe problems with the NRL video referee have literally gone beyond repair after yet another embarrassing error in tonights Monday Night Football game between the Gold Coast Titans and St George Illawarra Dragons.

After weeks of errors in the video box from Steve Clark, Bill Harrigan, Chris Ward and now Paul Simpkins it has got to the point where people are walking away from the game.

The latest mind boggling decision has come after Titan Chris Walker has deliberately tapped the ball over an opposition player to score a try for his side.

It’s an interesting one, because the video referee has had to decide on 3 similar scenarios this year.

The Tigers had a try disallowed for identical circumstances as did Jarryd Hayne for the Eels when he tapped the ball over a player, yet Jamie Lyon was given a green light when he did it for the Sea Eagles and now Chris Walker received the same treatment.

Pressure on the video officials was evident soon after the Walker error-try, as Meyers touched down for a clear and simple try, Simpkins in the video box looked at 6 replays and eventually spun up – try, benefit of doubt.

Things need to be kept simple, everybody on earth saw this was a try after 1 single replay. End of story.

Putting the inconsistency aside, why can the video official not see what is there in front of him?

Once again, commentators and spectators immediately knew the outcome of the situation after 1, maybe 2 replays.

The pressure has obviously destroyed their ability in the video box.

The problem is now extensively widespread and it’s hard for most fans to understand how anyone can misread a video replay. While referees on the field will make errors from time to time – video officials have a slow motion replay to view multiple times and simply cannot be making simple errors week in week out.

This problem is now extensive, this is a serious blight on the game and if the NRL does not act soon – people will continue to walk away, it’s simply not acceptable.

2 thoughts on “Video Referee Beyond Repair”

  1. Let the game return to theb basic simply rule,no more its or buts,its like the rubbish american crap football now with the to many stopages , get rig of the video refs ,and let one man in the middle make a decision , and let those two touch judges help him,so be it if they make a call on the spot and its wrong,the media and particular CH9 has a lot to be blame for the crowd misunderstanding the many replays . Let the man in the middel decide .

  2. Where was the touch judge on the state of origin in game one,only a few meters back,he was to scared to make e decision.

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