Biggest NRL Chokers

NRL PLAYERS THAT ARE CHOKERSSydney based newspaper ‘The Daily Telegraph’ has run an article today discussing the biggest chokers in the NRL and with the Finals series just around the corner, it’s interesting to look at the players listed and some others that could have possibly made the Top 10 NRL Chokers list.

Here’s how the Telegraph listed the chokers –

1. Chris Sandow (Souths) – Missed more tackles than any player in 2009, and can be easily baited by opponents.

2. David Williams (Manly) – Whats happened to the Wolfman? This guy has had so many brain explosions in 2009 – memories of Paul Carriage a la 1998.

3. Peter Wallace (Broncos) – We disagree with this selection, Wallace has performed well from a young age. Hard to pen him as a ‘choker’

4. Benji Marshall (Tigers) – Not sure if he could be called a ‘choker’ – but Marshall is certainly inconsistent, looking better back at pivot.

5. Jarrod Sammut (Panthers) – Already make 29 errors from 19 games this year, explosive in attack but unsafe in defence.

6. Chris Walker (Titans) – Has nearly made an error in every match he’s played in 2009, a player easily baited that could lose a crucial finals match.

7. Trent Waterhouse (Panthers) – Mr Penalty. This guy has given away more penalties than any other player in the NRL.

8. Ben Rogers (Knights) – The journey man struggles with consistency, can be very hot or woefully cold – could cost the Knights in a big one.

9. Justin Hodges (Broncos) – Arguably the most hated man in NRL, Hodges is talented as a centre but can ‘brain snap’ at any time and cost his team a match.

10. Brett Finch (Storm) – Lost 2 Grand Finals with the Roosters and can be forced into mistakes during pressure situations.

It’s hard to argue with most of these choices, however some other players that didn’t get a mention were as follows:

Eric Grothe – the Eels winger might look good in full flight, but his poor defence reads and problems with the high ball make him a concern. Can drop the ball in attack too.

Jamie Soward – the improving Saints half has had plenty of worrying moments in past years and could be a worry in big finals matches this year.

Ben Pomeroy – the former Panthers, now Sharks centre has made tonnes of errors in 2009 a total of 28 errors from 18 games and struggles with the basics. A real worry.

Matt Orford – may have won the comp in 2008, but over the long term – this guy really struggles with things under pressure. Poor kicks and decisions when it counts.

Ben Roberts – the Bulldogs half is creative, but even with ball in hand can make stupid decisions. Kicking on tackles 1 or 2 and going missing in defence. Choker!

Kurt Gidley – a lot of mail for Kurt, no doubt a gun player – but readers have pointed out he has made several failures in big game situations. Jury still out on this one.

John Morris – the utility is full of penalties and can really meltdown under pressure. The Tigers seem to have worked this out and have him off-line at moment.

Who else would you put on the biggest chokers list? Feel free to cast your mind back to previous years and tell us all your pain!

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  1. The biggest choker in the NRL is no doubt Chris Sandow. He reminds me of Doug Delaney for the bunnies.

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