As the headlines around Knights forward Danny Wicks begin to settle, suggestions are abound today that more Newcastle Knights players are about to be named in the alleged drug sting; with some players apparently caught by Police allegedly buying from Danny Wicks.Police reportedly have 6 months worth of phone taps and these recordings have apparently captured several other Knights players allegedly calling Wicks to inquire about purchasing drugs.The scandal has already rocked the club, with Wicks stood down indefinitely until court proceedings have been completed.But the suggestion of more players becoming involved could prove fatal for the club, certainly as the 2010 kick off nears.After losing coach Brian Smith to the Roosters prior to the NRL finals, this latest setback is set to get worse as officials brace for the fall out.Betting on Newcastle for the wooden spoon has been suspended after punters got word of the extent of the problem, with many believing that any additional players sacked could see the Knights club spiral downwards in terms of top line personnel – with a rebuilding process set to restart for the club.Wicks’s has in the past roomed with, utility Chris Houston, who was named as a possbile witness in the case, but Houston is not accused of any wrongdoing. He and all other Knights players have been ordered by the club not to have any contact with Wicks until his case is resolved.Even if charges are not laid, when phone intercepts go public they will identify players and will no doubt force the club to destroy contracts for contravening anti-drug guidelines, media reports suggested today.

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