Andrew Johns has given his strongest indication yet that he is keen to remain on at Channel 9 despite his brother potentially working as a rival on Channel 7.Many felt that Andrew would join his brother in future capacities; but recent comments suggest that not only will Andrew remain on at Channel 9 – he is keen to pioneer new developments in Rugby League coverage.Johns has in the past few days gone on record suggesting he wants more interaction; potentially from goal kickers as they line up to take penalties or conversions in big matches.The NRL is already lagging in terms of goal-kicking development coverage; with the UK Super League already having radar-like overlays during their coverage – showing viewers the kick angle and direction prior to being taken.What Johns is suggesting; is having players rigged with a mic so commentators can cross to them briefly before they attempt the kick.The likes of Jonathan Thurston or Cameron Smith could offer their thoughts on the kick, conditions and difficulty prior to attempting the conversion or penalty.The idea is a novel one; the opportunity to cross during this period is a good one – given the stoppage in play, as in most cases Rugby League is moving too fast to factor in such advancements.The addition of a mic to the kicking player would mirror that of what 20/20 cricket is trying to do – having key players able to talk to the audience during crucial moments.

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