Ian Roberts cries poor, will sue Footy Show

Ian Roberts Footy Show AllegationsFormer NRL star and gay-activist Ian Roberts has confirmed he will be joining Gary Burns as co-complainer in a legal challenge against the Channel 9 Footy Show.

Roberts and Burns took offence to a gay-skit aired on the Footy Show in May 2009, in which a fictitious brother of the Johns boys Matthew and Andrew, called ‘Elton Johns’ was portrayed as gay.

In what really is a sad reflection on the current times; people take offence at the most ridiculous things. And soon after, you can always expect legal threats to follow.

Just as the revival of the “Hey Hey it’s Saturday Show” was crucified as racist by minority groups for performing a skit with actors painting their faces black.

At a time when Sydney should be celebrating all things gay, as the mardi-gras approaches – Roberts and Burns are setting back the gay-movement by overreacting to a short satirical skit on a poorly rating TV show.

As a straight male, I should have taken my chance to complain and sue the makers of the show “Queer Eye for a Straight Guy” as several times the show ridiculed straight males for their shockingly bad dress sense, extremely poor personal hygiene and overall laughable straight personalities.

Come on guys, stop sooking and let’s get on with it.

It’s interesting to see other things in the media; especially television and radio that are allowed to air unchallenged in this country – yet a simple skit on the Footy Show attracts complainants ready to go legal.

For instance, take the RTA Campaign on Speeding that has been airing for a few years on NSW Television – watch the video below:

Now, in this commercial – the females several times wave their pinkie fingers referring to the males as ‘having small peckers’ – but this commercial has run unchallenged for near 2 years.I have always wondered why there hasn’t been a complaint about this particular commercial, as it contains sexual references making us males feel like we have small you-know-whats.But no, this continues to run unopposed.

I wonder how long it would last if this commercial featured females driving fast, and then males who were watching on the side of the road referring to their breast size with hand movements?

I would expect only a matter of hours on air before switchboards were flooded and the advertisement pulled.

Now here’s another example; take this recent music video clip by leading American artists – JayZ, Rhianna and Kanye West called ‘Run this Town’ (see clip below)

Now don’t get me wrong, this is a catchy song by talented artists – but this song does say in the lyrics “All black everything, we’re gunna this town tonight”. Now this hasn’t really raised any eyebrows, neither has the fact that the video clip contains a group of partially masked black guys taking over a town in a reverse-Ku Klux Klan style setting.There’s been no problems with this video, no censorship. But again, if it was to state “All white everything, we’re gunna run this town tonight” and a bunch of Ku Klux Klan clad guys running around with flame torches taking over a town – it would go close to being front page news.Now I don’t have a problem with the RTA Commerical referring to males as having small peckers, or the rap song that features border-line racist comments.

What am I trying to say in all this?

Maybe that the scope of this Footy Show skit has been blown way out of proportion by Ian Roberts and Gary Burns. It was a small segment, totally satirical in nature that was not intended to discriminate against anyone.

What’s sad, is that only 12 months prior – Paul Vautin and the Footy Show were under the pump for accidentally referring to a Queensland bouncer as drunk when in-fact he was mentally handicapped.

Again, this was a case of people being way to sensitive and overreacting beyond belief. How was Vautin or anyone to know the bouncer was mentally handicapped? And I am sure, 99% of the people in the world for that matter would not have made a joke of things had they known this young Bouncer was mentally handicapped.

He genuinely seemed drunk to the naked eye – and no one is perfect.

It seems Reg Ragan was right all along, everyone needs to take a tea spoon and cement and harden up.

Oh but I forgot, Reg Ragan wasn’t politically correct – so he has been banned too.

Go Figure.

One thought on “Ian Roberts cries poor, will sue Footy Show”

  1. We didn’t see the Footy Show goons doing a skit ridiculing a Jewish boy by suggesting he can’t play footy because he’s Jewish,so why should we allow these boofheads to ridicule homosexuals ?
    I submit it is because male homosexuals are the last acceptable prejudice !

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