NRL Injured Allstars Side

Most Injured NRL Players of alltimeWe first discussed the most injured NRL team of all time several years ago on NRLNEWS.COM (which included the likes of Brett Papworth, Brad Clyde and Andrew Johns) but given the recent spike in pre-season injuries to key players we felt it was time to revisit, but this time selecting the inaugral NRL Injured Allstars side from current injury-prone stars.

This will be a team featuring players that are always seemingly injured, some horror back luck here to say the least. We look forward to your suggestions and comments on who you think are the most injured players in the NRL.

1. Anthony Minichiello – The Roosters fullback has been a permanent fixture in the Hospital ward this past 3 years. An explosive fullback no doubt, but will he ever get out of cotton wool again?

2. Justin Hodges – The angry Queenslander with a bad attitude snares a spot on the wing, with too much competition in the centres in the injured allstars. Hodges has been a knee surgeons pin-up boy for years, dating back to his Roosters days. Still spends plenty of time in the dug-out with injuries.

3. Steve Matai – The New Zealand born centre has been an injury poster boy for the past few years. Not only has he regularly been out injured – but Matai makes an artform of clutching at an ankle, neck, leg or arm after most tackles in the NRL. Spends more time on the turf than he does on his feet in some games.

4. Brent Tate – The former Broncos flyer aka ‘Buzz Lightyear’ for his weird looking neck brace has been on the cover of World Worst Sporting Injuries several times now. Has had a horror run in the past 4-5 years and will hopefully get on the field again once more in 2010.

5. Eric Grothe – Only just managed to scrape into the Injured Allstars side. Grothe has had better luck in the past 18 months, but prior to this he made a career out of bandages. Back backs, busted knees and sore hips. He lived out of the back of an ambulance. But was this merely a cover to skip some training?

6. Trent Barrett – The talented NSW and Australian half has spent plenty of time in the injury ward. Baz nearly had to make cotton wool part of his preparation back in his St George Illawarra days, while he has improved – even in his new Sharks career he has spent time on the stretcher for many weeks in a row.

7. Benji Marshall – The captain of the Injured Allstars, the Wests Tigers considered building a mini-Hospital at Lidcombe Oval to cater to Marshall. Shoulders like rubber bands at times, the Kiwi playmaker lives and breathes operations. Spent half a career under observation.

8. Jason Ryles – Vice Captain of the Injured Allstars, the former Saint now Rooster should be given a trophy for his injury achievements. The veteran has done it all in injury terms and has achieved the unthinkable, he has copped another injury prior to the season even starting with the Roosters in 2010. A candidate for Injured Allstars hall of fame.

9.  Robbie Farah – A relative rookie to the Injured Allstars, Farah has quickly climbed the ranks as a an injury poster boy. The gifted Tigers rake is notching up miles in the emergency ward quicker than any other upcoming player. Expect to see him selected in the team for the next few years.

10. Ben Ross -  A veteran that needs no introduction, Ross lives for Hospital food. This guy has gone to amazing lengths to ensure his selection in the Injured Allstars and was up until recently the highest paid player under the Injured Allstars salary cap. Brings amazing injury skills to the team.

11. Steve Simpson – Another veteran that knows how to bandage a busted knee or two. The Knights forward regularly buckles over with problems and has battled the injury blues for years. Amazing that he has managed to keep his lengthy career going with so much time in leg warmers on the sideline.

12. Willie Mason – A high profile addition, had the option of being selected for either foot in mouth disease or for impressive stints on the sidelines over the years for knee problems. No stranger to the ER Wards of Belmore and Bondi, a handy addition to the Injured Allstars NRL side.

13. Dean Young – Could have easily been selected at hooker, but Young gets pipped by the Rookie Injured Allstar Farah. Young has been a constant in the Allstar Injured selections for years. This guy will deadset be a hall of famer for the Injured Allstars in the years ahead. Was mentored by Ryles at the Dragons, giving Young a strong edge with injuries. This guy has done it all in such few years.

14. Kurt Gidley – Storming selection on the bench. Gids has been working hard to get injured in these past few years and ensured his selection with a recent mystery knee problem. Expect more from this talented Newcastle product.

15. Brett Kearney – The Sharks flyer is rarely seen on the field these days. He apparently has rented a Hospital room which ensures automatic selection in the Injured Allstars side.

16. Keith Galloway – The tearaway Tiger has done everything to get into the Injured Allstars side and secures a bench spot as he continues to find his way to the sidelines.

17. Matt Bowen – Unlucky to be forced out by Minichiello in the starting side. Bowen has been in outstanding injury form in recent seasons, a bench position is just reward for his efforts.

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