NRL Tipping with a Twist

While punters are gearing up for tipping competitions, fantasy leagues and dream teams – there is a little known comp out there for NRL fans called ‘Last Man Standing’.

A unique concept, where the single objective is to select one winning team each week. Succeed and continue to the next week, lose and your immediately eliminated.

Run by SportingBet Australia, the chance to win $50,000 in Prize Money is an attractive one for serious NRL fans and with some a unique and exciting concept this competition is sure to grow in the coming years.

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Last Man Standing NRL is free to enter, so simply open either a Sportingbet members or betting account and register here up until 7pm March 12th and select the team you think will win their head to head game in round 1. If your selection wins you move through to the next round– if they lose you are eliminated. Competition continues each week until the end of the NRL grand final or there is one person left. Last Man Standing wins $50,000 cash – if there is more than one entrant left at the conclusion of the grand final – those left will split the $50,000 cash.

Think that’s easy – there is a twist. From round13 your selection each weekend must be made at the plus/minus line instead of head to head.

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