Bad Look for Dumb Des

There might be a broken door at Parramatta Stadium and now a controversy over television cameras in dressing rooms, but what about Des Hasler’s methods?

There is passion and there is down right stupidity.

Many coaches walk a fine line between the two, namely Ricky Stuart who has punched the odd hole in the coaching box wall or even John Lang whos trashed the odd headset or two.

Even the usually poker faced Brian Smith has had the odd hissy fit and lost control in full view of the television cameras.

There is no question that the pressure on NRL coaches is huge. The players have a greater influence over the result, however the coach can only do so much.

But the tantrum thrown by Des Hasler really doesn’t help him or his team at all.

If the team was down at halftime and needed a real rocket up them, then there might be some understanding around his mindless methods.

But to carry on like a pork chop after the loss and tear a door off the hinges, when it would have no bearing on the game is just a joke.

How can he expect his players to look up to him when he carries on like this?

It might only be Round 2, but things don’t look good over at Manly – and I’m not just talking about their 0 from 2 start.

They’ve lost a lot of talent in the past 2 seasons, the likes of Menzies, Orford, Hall, Cuthbertson, L’estrange and Bryant just to name a few.

Now with injury and court dramas looming large over they key man Brett Stewart, he’ll be missing for months – they are really hurting.

Throw in some rookies, the likes of Foran and Hodkinson who are talented but very green and it makes for a tough year for the men from Brookie.

They’ve run up some good starts against the Tigers and Eels, but have fallen short when the blow torch was applied.

This is why Des Hasler needs to suck it up and lead the squad through this tough time.

There is no questioning his ability, Dessie must have done something right in the past – getting the Sea Eagles to a glorious Grand Final win in 2008.

But now the chips are down, ripping doors of their hinges and carrying on like a 2 year old after the game was already lost aint going to achieve much except losing the respect of his players.

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