Your NRL Teams Progress Report

At the completion of NRL Round 3, how is your team traveling? Is it time to panic, or should you be
quietly confident and start planning the celebration party for October? Well expert NRL commentator
Scrappy Coco rejoins us with his ideas on how things are going for your mob:


If your a Goldy fan, then you should be extremely happy. Not just because you’re undefeated, but
because Cartwrights boys have played poorly for the most part and have still won their matches.
These guys have a tonne of talent and have plenty of improvement to come. Be Happy.


Much the same as the Titans, have played only average – but the Storm have still managed to keep
winning. Like always Bellamy has done wonders introducing new players into his well oiled
machine and they continue their winning ways. McDougall, Finch and Lowrie all settled well. Your’re fine.


Many didn’t think the Dragqueens would have the firepower or precision of last year. They’ve showed
they haven’lost any of their Wayne Bennett precision, and there has been a glimmer of power in
attack. Confidence growing by the week, so could be another good year for the joint venture.
While fans can relax, they better not overreact like they did last year.


While there might have been some hiccups in the past fortnight, it looks like the Bulldogs showed enough
to prove they won’t be also-rans this year. Despite Hannant wanting out and concern over new face Steve
Turner – everything should be OK. Have plenty of attacking grunt and if Barba continues to get a look-in
this side will pump. Smile Doggies fans.

Wests Tigers:

Smart off-season buying looks to have paid dividends. Lote Tiquiri has slotted in nicely, Mark Flanagan
also looks like a hard worker. If Jason Cayless can discover vintage NRL form, this team will have a
bench with even more impact. Their attack remains peerless, if they can remain enthusiastic in defence
then they’ll be a shot. Tiggers faithful, hold the corks just yet.


Were heaped with praise and pressure in pre-season after some strong offseason buying. However, the
cinderellas of 2009 are yet to find cohesion. Losing Shackleton for the year was a huge blow, not just
for the playing ranks but for confidence too. This side thrives on confidence more than most, a decent
win could see them get rolling. Fans, the verdict is still out on the 2010 model Eels.


Have been a massive success story for 2010. New coach, new attitude and playing with a new confidence.
Their attacking structure looks great, the element of X-Factor now there with Carney from fullback and
even Mini on the flanks. Well balanced squad-wise. Were given a reminder about attitude in defence last
week by the Bulldogs – probably a good early season reminder, that things need to be perfect every week
to keep winning. Fans should be much happier this year, remain confident.


Looked the goods in pre-season and Round 1, but have slipped back to their old ways and are losing in
the back end of games. Looking at the roster of the Panthers you would think they can make the Top 8
this year. Walsh and Burns are creative, fast-moving halves and if needed they have other playmakers in various
positions to offer attacking options. A little like the Tigers in that they can rack up points in
attack but have no clue how to stop the leaks in defence. Border-line finals chance at this stage.


The Kiwis were written off before it began this year, but have surprised all and sundry with their
solid completions in 2010. Have continued their second-phase footy, but it seems most of it is
sticking so far. Maloney has been a real purchase and if Price, Mannering, Luck and Tate can play
most games this year – this side can really surprise. Still, it’s a long season and they don’t travel
well – hence fans don’t bank on the NZ outfit making the Top 8 just yet.


Surprised even their most passionate fan on the weekend, beating Newcastle easily. They’ve had plenty
to contend with since winning the prize in 2008. They’ve lost the personnel they once had and can’t
keep away from injury or scandal. Don’t look to have the playmaker to consistently deliver them wins
in 2010. Lyon is their man, but he is slowing down and injury is always a worry. Probably time for
Manly fans to put the Moet back in the cabinet.


Like Parra, there was plenty of media hype around the Bunnies. They bought big and everyone from fans
to punters and critics were watching closely. They looked to be trying too hard early on and the
pressure told more on halves Sandow/Sutton as opposed to new forwards Taylor and Burgess. The Sharks
have given these guys a leg up now, played them into form. Looking more confident with each game.
Bunnies should make the Top 8, so fans can rest easy.


Much like predicted, have been inconsistent so far in 2010. Look to have a decent squad, but are yet
to fully gel. Missing Bowen big time and with JT as the main attacking threat, enemy teams are running
traffic at JT exclusively to wear him down. Real fears for this team, don’t look like improving enough
on last year. Might be a struggle. Fans should be concerned.


Were tipped for spoon honours given their horror preseason dramas. But despite losing Hicks and Houston,
the Knights have performed admirably even without Kurt Gidley. Veterans Simpson and McDougall have been
playing with plenty of passion, but my fears of injuries are just around the corner. These guys are
both players in the ‘NRL News Most Injured Allstars Side’ and regularly go down with problems. However,
are playing vibrant, uptempo footy. Flip the coin for making the Top 8.


Are following their usual pattern or showing heaps of potential and being hard to beat at home. They
remain full of speedy, youthful backs that can cut sides to pieces. The reintroduction of Adam Mogg
will give them experience and guidance. Just need the likes of a Michael Monaghan to be resigned from
the UK and they’ll have a real tilt at things. Probably can’t make the Top 8 this year.


Hmmm, worrying times. Are hurting in terms of injury and depths of their squad and they don’t have the
Yoda style coach to get them out. Bennett was always a big factor in giving this side belief. Many NRL
sides have young, talented backs and when forward packs perform – they can do their thing. But combine
a struggling forward pack with young in-experienced backs and you have a receipe for disaster. Won’t
make the Top 8 this year.


Are specials for the wooden spoon. Not only is this side playing without confidence or luck, their
organisation at times makes them look like a park footy side. Are in such a black hole, no one – least
not Ricky Stuart knows where to start getting them out. Shire fans have endured decades of pain, having
never won a title is big burden – so they will handle not making the Top 8

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