Manly Shouldn’t Cry Foul Over TV

It seems those at Manly just can’t make their mind up. Only a week ago, we had Des Hasler and the Manly officials slamming Channel 9 over TV coverage in dressing rooms – after Des was shown chucking a tantrum and slamming a door off its hinges.

After the furore over the smashed door, Manly claimed they would possibly shut-out cameras and look at reducing their on air exposure.

Now …

A week later, we have Manly coming out and complaining they aren’t getting a fair deal in terms of free to air TV coverage.

Well what did you expect?

They say those that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, and Manly we certainly hurling some decent sized rocks at Channel 9 only a week ago.

Manly claim because they were the 2008 Premiers and World Club Champions, they are still a front running team and should as such be getting top billing regularly. Well, newsflash Manly – you’ve been nowhere for 12 months and haven’t been performing too well in 2010.

Oh, not to mention, apart from the Des Hasler door trashing incident – do you remember Michael Robertson and his sausage dance in the dressing room? Yes thats right – Robbo’s naked dance was yet another Manly blunder that Channel 9 was left to clean up.

The Sea Eagles have also been complaining about their day game scheduling in the heat, sounds like the boys from the Northern Beaches are looking for excuses already – might be it’s time they stuck to footy and stopped trying to blame Channel 9 and NRL officials over scheduling.

With the first half of the season pretty much already time-slotted, Manly had better pull their head in if they want some quality fixtures in the backend of the season.

If you want the best seat in the house, well you had better start being nice to the boss. And at this stage, Manly look like sitting in the corner a little while longer!

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