Bulldogs Begin to Click

The Bulldogs are starting to warm to the 2010 season, with an impressive 36-18 win over the Brisbane Broncos tonight at ANZ Stadium Sydney.

Canterbury much like the Eels this year, have spluttered through the first few Rounds of the NRL – after both having successful seasons last year. Interestingly, the Dogs will clash with the Eels next Round.

But the beast began to stir tonight.

Once they hit the lead and began to relax, the Bulldogs pulled out some impressive plays and flexed their attacking muscle. Jamal Idris may have had his defensive problems, but his bullocking attack has never been questioned.

Again Idris was virtually impossible to stop as he inflicted his ‘loafing’ style onto his opposing number. Idris at times looks like he is simply ‘jogging’ or ambling along but is genuinely moving quick across the ground (much like Ken Nagas used to for the Canberra Raiders). He is extremely deceptive the way he runs.

The main concern now for the Belmore boys might be injuries as they count the cost of the victory over the Broncos.

David Stagg was left with a worrying neck injury after a tackle on Darren Lockyer that went wrong.

Ben Roberts was chaired from the field after an ankle injury.

Josh Morris copped an eye injury that forced him from the field also.

Naturally coach Kevin Moore needs these caliber of players at his disposal in what’s shaping as a juicy clash against the Eels next week.

What will please Moore would be the improved kicking game, as well as the support play from his side. As the Bulldogs began to get the upper hand and create linebreaks, there were support players consistently pushing through to aid the ball carrier.

The other silent achiever in the Bulldogs side is forward Chris Armit.

Armit topped the running metres chart for this game and punched out more miles than even his captain Andrew Ryan.

Sure, Ryan was busy in the tackling department – but his lesser known partner in the forwards is doing a handy job for his side and more than earning his position in the starting lineup.

The Broncos on the other hand were obviously outgunned in the personnel department. They played above their weight, but it continues to look a big ask in 2010.

Next week Brisbane are back at home, hosting the Knights. They’ll need to work hard to secure every home win, because roadtrips are going to be that much harder for them this year.

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