Matai a Joke

Matai-watch was all clear only days ago, but the boy who cried wolf is back to his best it seems.

For those who haven’t been following our coverage, Matai is the most injured player on the football field.

We’re not talking about injuries that put someone out of a game, we’re talking the kind of injuries that will see Matai clutch at an injury in what looks like agonizing pain – only to see him jump up seconds later in a laughable recovery.

It seems Matai uses this ploy to generally achieve penalties.

But what made things so laughable in the Manly game tonight, was Matai was down on the ground clutching at a shoulder – he was putting on such a big act, you thought he was ready to be stretchered off.

However, as the Eagles rallied and went on the attack – suddenly Matai jumped up in support and ran freely. Then jumped in the air to celebrate the Manly try, all but forgetting a seemingly serious injury.

The referees have obviously woken up to Matai’s cry wolf claims, the fans are well aware of it and even the commentators make light of Steve Matai injuries now.

It’s such a shame, Matai had a great game and is in good form – but he needs to cut the crap out of his game.

If you’re injured, you are genuinely injured. You either come off the field or soldier on without being soft.

This business of playing dead, jumping up and running freely, then playing dead again belongs in soccer.

What makes it even more unusual is that Matai is a hard hitter in defence. He doesn’t seem soft, but his business of crying wolf for penalties or attention is making him a laughing stock.

Sort it out Steve, or get off the field.

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