Maroons Make Right Call

The Maroons are known for their die-hard Origin spirit, but they’ve made a big call to dump Israel Folau from the upcoming State of Origin II in Queensland.

Mind you, it’s absolutely the right call.

Congratulations must go to Ross Livermore and the team at the Queensland Rugby League.

People on both sides of the border understand how good Folau is and just what he means to Queensland possibly winning the series – but his defection was a nose-thumbing at the game.

Queensland have put the game above all else and chosen to look to the future with their upcoming team selection.

With the door being slammed shut on Folau, it’s believed NZ Warrior Brent Tate is favoured over Lote Tiquiri – again, because loyalty was shown to the game by Tate, where as Lote left for Union for 7 years.

I must admit, I thought the Queenslanders would put their state first and thrown Folau back into the lions den.

Heck, look what games they pulled with Lote Tiquiri years ago when he was facing suspension – the Queenslanders made his position TBA so he would only miss a club game and be right for State of Origin the following Wednesday.

They are a crafty bunch those Maroons.

But this time, they’ve come good – for the game.

Folau has taken the money and run, while this is understandable – the fact that he is headed to a totally different game altogether makes it a little hard to swallow.

But for now, lets stop talking Folau and giving the AFL their precious exposure for the new Sydney franchise.

Waiting in the wings for the Broncos – the likes of Yow-Yeh and Winterstein are potential superstars to take the vacant spot.

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