NRL Kills Corner Posts

The NRL should be applauded for removing the effect of corner posts when it comes to tries in matches – effective immediately after consultation with all clubs.

The corner posts have been long outdated, with several NRL News readers suggesting years ago they should be removed.


Put simply the unpredictability or unfair advantage some teams may receive.

You see when the posts are bumped, knocked out or damaged and not corrected – this could prove a major advantage for one team.

With the prior rule suggesting that if players came into contact with the post at all – they were deemed dead in goal, what if the uneven post meant one team snuck through and scored?

This is not unlikely at all.

These days, with the ability of outside backs such as the Morris boys, Inglis and Hayne – they can seemingly work in the smallest of spaces.

An uneven corner post, leaning outwards gives them plenty more room and they will no doubt use it.

By removing the rule whereby a player is deemed ‘out’ if they touch the post – it instantly removes the worry of having to correct, replace or worry about damaged corner posts.

It’s a great move by the NRL and with the rule coming into effect immediately – it again shows that the game of Rugby League under the NRL administration moves faster than any other sport when it comes to improving the rules for the betterment of the game.

Given how much fire the NRL have been under in recent times, it’s worth commending them for this move – which will benefit all teams.

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