Titans use their get out of jail free pass

Gold Coast Titans coach John Cartwright is full of praise for his side, following their come from behind win against the Warriors.

The Titans trailed 12-0 early on the in match two tries each from new recruit Steve Michaels and veteran Mat Rogers kept the Titans top 4 chances alive.

“We didn’t get the start that we wanted, but the pleasing thing was that it didn’t change the players approach to the game or the approach we wanted to take into the game”.

The Warriors, who were only two weeks ago on a five-match winning streak, have now lost two games in a row forcing them back into the huddle of teams that are set to fight it out to make the top 8.

Whilst the alarm bells aren’t ringing yet, Ivan Cleary maintains that his side have to return to their consistent ways.

“It’s very tight in the competition race but there were periods during the games we were winning where we weren’t giving opportunities to the opposition that we’ve probably given over the last couple of weeks”.

The Warriors will be looking to bounce back and quickly to avoid being caught in the log-jam of teams vying for a top 8 spot, while the Titans will be aiming for top 4 spot to gain a home final.

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