Henjak has full support of incoming CEO

There was talk that Ivan Henjak was on the way out at the Broncos, but nay talk of that can now be put to bed after incoming CEO Paul White confirmed that Henjak has his full support for the 2o11 season.

Whilst White won’t officially assume the CEO position until next year, he has pledged to support Henjak 100% and dismissed the rumours surfacing in the NRL world.

The former policeman has an impressive track-record having business experience in the coal mining industry, as well as a comprehensive rugby league resume, all of which make him a good candidate to take over from the outgoing Bruno Cullen.

“My priority is to give Ivan and all his staff my leadership and support as I will do to all the members of the organisation, said White.”

“That’s a commitment I give to everyone.

“Ivan is the coach. I’ll be coming into this role in January when the season is about to start and I’ll give him my full commitment, support and leadership.”

The rumours have also been dismissed by Daryl Somerville, who is the Broncos chairman.

“There’s nothing really to discuss there, Ivan is our coach and that’s it.

“All the stuff you read in the press, hasn’t been contributed to be us, that’s the press writing it.”

White is not a stranger to the world of NRL, having played professionally as an outside back some years ago, and he was selected in the Queensland Police Team of the Century alongside fellow NRL greats Wayne Bennett, Mal Meninga and the late Peter Jackson.

“I look forward to the wonderful challenges ahead and thank the Broncos for the wonderful opportunity they have given me,” White said on Monday.

“I make a commitment to our shareholders, our supporters and all the people associated with this organisation in Brisbane that I’ll give this job 110 per cent like I’ve done with all the roles I’ve undertaken throughout my life. I hope to make a real success of it.

“It’s probably a once if a lifetime opportunity.”

One of the first things that White will plan to do upon his start as tenure is to increase the club’s supporters base during his time at the club.

“We’ve traditionally out-performed the league (NRL) with our average attendances,” he said.

“Last year it was 35,000 (average). I think the real challenge is to convert those 35,000, or as many of them as we can, to season members.

“When you do that, you take a lot of the risk out of your business.”

White can see the history and prestige of the Broncos organisation, and the success in which it has had over the last 15 years.

“One thing is to respect the history and traditions of the club and the work that Bruno and others have done during their tenures. I think that’s critically important,” he said.

“The club was founded by people with great vision 20 years ago, we’re entering a period where we’re getting third generation supporters coming through and it’s a wonderful opportunity to really embed that tradition.

“Whether I’m breaking new ground, I think I am a genuine rugby league person and while I have a strong corporate background, I’m a massive fan of the organisation about how they’ve gone out their business on and off the field.

“It’s a huge challenge for me to make sure I retain that as the overall culture of the club.”

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