Independent Commission outcome draws closer

The Australian Rugby League Board (ALRB) have formally agreed on the guidelines and protocols that will form the foundation for an independent commission.

The document will be passed on to News Limited who are the NRL’s partner, within the next 24 hours.

The representatives from NSW and QLD on the board today agreed to an array of changes that have been made to the initial draft, though they believe that other significant changes still have to be made in order to establish a single commission to oversee the game of Rugby League.

The model of the commission is one that will ensure the independence of any future commissioners.

Depending on whether or not News Limited accept the new and improved commission proposal, the draft proposal will be passed around the committee representing the NRL clubs, with the ultimate view being to establish the independent commission as early as possible.

“This whole exercise is a major undertaking and one that will benefit the future governance of the game,” ARL Chief Executive, Mr Geoff Carr, said today.

“Everyone has been working towards a November 1 outcome, which may or may not prove achievable in terms of having everything established.

“Certainly there is a very real possibility that the constitution can be finalised by that date and there can be no doubt that all parties are working in the right spirit to make things happen as soon as we can.

“It is, however, a very complicated process and the importance of getting it right when we are talking about some of the biggest changes in the game’s history has to be the primary factor.”

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