Raiders sponsors threaten $1 million walk-out

Following a lewd photo that appeared on the internet yesterday, it is believed that Raiders centre Joel Monaghan, the star involved in the scandal, will be sacked by the club on Monday.

It is believed that there are at least 4 major Raiders sponsors have all written letters to the club, all of whom have threatened have threatened to withdraw a total of $1 million worth of revenue as a result of the lewd photo.

This has only just come to light as NRL Chief Executive David Gallop continues to investigate and monitor the situation, with a decision expected from the NRL some time soon to de-register Monaghan from playing rugby league in Australia.

It’s also believed that Gallop wanted to de-register Monaghan as early as last night, after the lewd photo spread and went viral all over the internet.

The decision won’t go ahead though until the Raiders board makes a decision on the situation where it is likely that Monaghan’s contract will be torn up.

Adding to the pressure the board faces, several sponsors have verbally threatened to pull out of their sponsorships with the club in light of the recent scandal to hit the NRL.

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