South Sydney launch audacious bid to snare Greg Inglis

Just when you thought the Greg Inglis saga couldn’t get any more complicated, with the help of Souths co-owner Russell Crowe and boxer Anthony Mundine, the Rabbitohs are planning to convince Inglis to move to Redfern.

It looked as if Inglis may have been headed to French Union in light of ongoing legal disputes with the Melbourne Storm over his legal fees from his court case, but both Crowe and Mundine have stepped in as they attempt to persuade the centre to make the move to Redfern.

As part of the projected deal offered by the Bunnies, it’s believed that Anthony Mundine would pay up to $100,000 of the pending legal fees Inglis is yet to pay, effectively preventing him from joining the Broncos.

The one downside to the above happening however, is that the NRL remains adamant that the money being counted as a part of the Bunnies salary cap for 2011.

The gesture would be alarmingly similar to the Sonny Bill Williams case in which Mundine paid Williams release fee from his own pocket to play Rugby Union in France in return for SBW participating in two boxing matches.

Crowe, who is currently overseas recording his new film has been hounding Souths Chief Executive Shane Richardson with a multitude of emails and phone calls as they try to get the deal finalised.

Generally, Richardson is always happy to discuss the goings-at Souths HQ, but in this case, he remains tight-lipped.

“I have no comment to make,” says Richardson.

“I always leave a bit of room to manoeuvre,” he says.

The downfall in the whole situation is that Souths according to sources are dangerously close to their current cap, so in order to alleviate going over, there are talks that captain Roy Asotasi who is on a rumoured $500,000 per season, will be one of the players to make way for Inglis.

Allan Gainey, Inglis’s manager is somewhat reluctant to comment on the whole issue.

“I suppose you could say it’s 50-50 at the moment,” Gainey said.

“He admires Anthony Mundine, he’s been speaking to him a lot, and Souths have seen a loophole because of the problems of getting a release from Storm.”

Any decision made by Inglis to move the Rabbitohs will come as a major shock to the Rugby League world after initially, Inglis had said he was moving to the Broncos in order to be closer to his fiancee Sally Robinson who has a job up in Brisbane.

When he first agreed to terms back in August with the Broncos, his agent Allan Gainey said:

“He wants to buy a house in Brisbane with his girlfriend and settle down properly for the first time in his life.”

“If his fiancee hadn’t moved to Brisbane, he’d still be with her and playing for Melbourne next year.”

In a heartbeat however, the landscape has changed dramatically for Inglis, the Storm and the Broncos.

As NRL boss David Gallop sought to actively resolve the situation yesterday between the Broncos and the Storm about the legal fees yet to be paid, Storm CEO Ron Gauci is more than happy to send Inglis to Souths.

“We released him on compassionate grounds to go to Brisbane but Souths is fine by us as long as the legal bill gets paid,” he said.

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