Castleford eager to sign ex-Raider Joel Monaghan

After an act which outraged people and organisations alike, Joel Monaghan’s career seems to be getting back on track with ESL club, the Castleford Tigers believed to be considering making an offer for him.

Monaghan’s career in the NRL ended abruptly after a lewd photo emerged of him in a position with an animal as he looks to resurrect his career in the ESL.

There are believed to be four ESL clubs including Harlequins all expressing an interest in signing the former Raider. and the Tigers say that preliminary talks with Monaghan have already begun.

Since England international Michael Shenton joined St Helens, and Australian James Evans retired, Castleford have been on the look-out for new centre/winger, and they believed that Monaghan is their man.

“Having found there are no centres of sufficient quality available in the UK, we have spoken to three overseas centres about joining the club,” said Tigers chief Richard Wright.

“One of those players is Joel Monaghan and talks are ongoing”.

Monaghan is set to say his final goodbyes to those in Canberra as he heads to England in order to train alongside his brother Michael at Warrington.

“I think it’s best that we let a bit of the heat and emotion go out of the situation before we starting negotiating and the English clubs think that’s a good idea,” said the player’s agent Jim Banaghan.

“Joel is going over very soon to start training with his brother Michael at Warrington. I’ll go over in a couple of weeks to start talking to clubs with him.”

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