Watmough itching to return to training

Regarded as one of the best bench forwards you will see in the game right now, Manly second-rower Anthony Watmough is pumped that pre-season training is underway, yet he isn’t able to partake in it just yet.

Neck and ankle injuries are restricting the mobile forward to his own light form of training, as he is unable to perform heavy duty training until the New Year.

Watmough, who was a member of the Australian side that lost to NZ in the Four Nations final is set to resume pre-season training with his team-mates after the Christmas break on January 10.

“I don’t know if I can really take that long off and come back in good form,” he said.

“I’ve been doing my own training three or four days a week, just so the boys aren’t getting too much of a jump on me when I come back.

“I’m bored already (and) I’ve been looking forward to getting back with the boys for a couple of weeks now.

“I don’t think Dessie was going to let me, but I think he’ll let me in a week or two.”

Watmough struggled with a bulging disc in his neck as well as an ankle injury, which was supposed to have required surgery before being allowed to heal naturally.

“Luckily they settled down a bit and we got through the Four Nations with it and didn’t have to do any (surgery),” he said.

“A bit of downtime and a bit of surfing has really helped it.”

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