Coote confident that groin injury is behind him

When he isn’t injured, he is a very exciting young fullback to watch in action. Unfortunately, for Lachlan Coote, injuries have riddled him so far during his career, but he remains confident that his latest bout of surgery will cure his chronic groin problems once and for all.

Coote has battled the feared groin injury osteitis pubis for some time now, a chronic groin injury that causes severe discomfort to the affected area, and the young fullback is determined to avoid a similar year in 2011.

Dr Neil Haplan who has a good record in curing groin injuries through surgery operated on the 20 year old last Wednesday, in which Coote believes that the solution has been found.

“I’ve talked to other players and even Steve Georgallis and Wayne Collins (Panthers staff members), they had it done when they were playing and they said they felt stronger than ever,” Coote said.

“They say they felt normal so I’m hoping this will go back to the same.

“I don’t want it to happen again, it’s just frustrating, feeling like I’m playing so good and then something like this can just wreck it so easy.”

Coote is expected to be fit for the Panthers Rd 1 clash in 2011, and the recent bout of surgery is not expected to prolong the time that the young fullback is already out for.

Had it not been for the surgery by Dr Halpin, Coote may still be suffering and in severe pain from the chronic groin injury, and quite possibly miss a fair chunk of the 2011 season.

Steve Georgallis, Panthers assistant coach said that Coote is now free to get on with his career without constantly having to worry about breaking down due to a groin injury.

“The way they reattach it means there’s no pain or strain on your groin and I got it in 1992 and the operation’s just got better and better,” Georgallis said.

“With his it became chronic and finally they realised that’s what it was and this will fix it.”

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