Chris Houston cleared of drugs charges

Chris Houston voluntarily terminated his contract in light of being named in the Knights drugs scandal but now he has the Knights CEO recommending that the team takes him back, after he was cleared of drugs charges today.

Elaine Truscott, the magistrate in the case deemed there was a lack of evidence in which to incriminate Houston of the charges he faced.

Both Chris Houston and Danny Wicks were found to be involved in a drugs scandal at the Knights, and both were terminated from the club.

Wicks, who is yet to face court but faces three charges of supplying drugs will be sentenced on March 8.

Upon the announcement of Houston being cleared, David Gallop has all but paved the way for Houston to return to the NRL.

“Short of any other information being presented, that matter has been tested in court and the charges dismissed,” Gallop said.

“He is entitled, therefore, to move on with his life and there would seem to be no obstacle to any future contract being registered.”

John Jansen, Houston’s manager is still unclear as to whether or not the Knights are the only interested team in acquiring his services, but the Knights hope to have a contract offered to him by early next week.

”I spoke to him about three weeks ago, and he told me then he was reasonably confident that he would be successful in fighting the case,” Burraston said.

”We’ve always had an open mind to it, and we were always thankful for what he did for our club in resigning straight after the charges were first laid. It will take a board decision but I will be making a recommendation to our board, certainly by close of business Monday at the latest, that we re-employ Chris Houston immediately.”

Burraston also said that there was no hard feelings between he, the club and Houston himself, and that they always believed that he was innocent in the scandal.

”We believed in him and hoped he was innocent and wouldn’t be found guilty on any of these charges, so today it’s a relief to find out he has been cleared and is an innocent man,” he said.

”He comes from a good family, he is a good young bloke as far as I’m concerned, and everything he did with us on and off the field was exemplary.”

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