Career of Greg Inglis in limbo after NRL blocks deal

The future of one of the games best centres when on song, in Greg Inglis is now in jeopardy, after the NRL made the decision to block the deal he had with the Rabbitohs.

The primary problem found by the NRL, a problem that they advised the Rabbitohs of, was that it must include all third-party agreements associated with Inglis’s $400,000 a season deal.

Inglis, who had initially signed with the Brisbane Broncos via a handshake, reneged on that deal given that the third-party deals were hard to come by.

Now that he seems to be faced with a similar situation at the Rabbitohs, the future for Inglis is currently up in the air as he assesses his options.

The NRL said in a statement released today, that there are certain rules in place concerning third-party agreements, namely to “ensure that any third-party agreement is not in truth a vehicle to remunerate the player for playing rugby league at his club”.

“Given the circumstances under which Greg Inglis became available to South Sydney, nobody can have been under any doubt about the importance of ensuring his contract complied with the cap,” NRL chief executive David Gallop said.

“The NRL had already required the Broncos to include third-party agreements within their calculation of the contract value and was insisting legal fees also be included when those negotiations ceased.

“South Sydney had been advised to have all proposed offers reviewed by the NRL before making any commitments.

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“They chose not to do so and it has taken some time to access all details of the agreements.

“It is unfortunate for Greg that he is in the middle of a difficult situation and I assured him this week that these issues do not reflect on him but that they are matters for clubs in assessing the offers that they make.

“He is one of the games most highly-valued players and we have assured him of that in no uncertain terms.

“That said the cap has to apply fairly to all clubs and one club cannot be allowed to do what others were prevented from doing.

“The rules on third-party deals are clear.

“We have worked with clubs and players by substantially increasing the amount that sponsors can pay players through the $300,000 marquee player allowance in 2011 but without rules on third party agreements there would be no point in having a salary cap system.”

Souths have admitted that they’re disappointed at the decision by the NRL, and will talk with Ian Schubert, as they too discuss their options.

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