Hindmarsh set to become vocal than ever before

Many would say that it is long overdue, whilst others would say that he has had to bide his time, but after some time, future Eels club legend Nathan Hindmarsh has the chance to captain his Eels side as they head into the 2011 season.

As the club’s new skipper, he has also adopted a more vocal approach at Eels training, as he looks to employ the same techniques on the field during games as well.

“It does feel different (being captain),” he said.

“I bark at the players more – I will be more vocal this year. I feel I have the right to … in the right way.”

It was Hindmarsh who scored more votes in the All-Stars game than his team-mate Jarryd Hayne, but he knows that Jarryd will be pumped for the season to begin.

“He’s still the number one player in the competition,” Hindmarsh said. “Jarryd would be disappointed to miss the All stars but he probably wouldn’t have been able to play anyway because of his hamstring.

“I am really looking forward to it and to playing with the likes of young Josh Dugan. He’s a very exciting player to watch.

“I’m not there to make up the numbers though. Every jersey I’ve gotten in the last couple of years has been very precious and meant a lot.

“In the latter stages of your career you tend to appreciate these things more and you realise they don’t come around easily.”

Hindmarsh is also relishing the chance to play under Wayne Bennett, whom he played under previously as a representative of the Kangaroos.

“He doesn’t say too much … it’s hard to put your finger on exactly what that x factor is that he has,” Hindmarsh said.

“He doesn’t try to over-coach.”

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