Prince plans to put on an exhibition of talent

Scott Prince and Jonathon Thurston, the halves for the Indigenous All-Stars have a trick or two up their sleeves as they plan to perform better than their All-Star rivals Benji Marshall and Darren Lockyer.

Prince said both he and Thurston have discussed some changes to their initial game plan that helped their team win the inaugural clash between the two sides last year.

“We come into the week with a bit of a plan and a footprint of what we want to do,” said Prince.

“We don’t try to over-strategise though. We’ve played together in quite a few big games so we’ve got the feel of what each other is doing.

“It comes like second nature. We are both pretty good talkers. But we have made some changes (from last year) … without giving the game away.

“At the end of the day though it’s all about having fun – not too much about strategy – and putting on a bit of a show.

“There are a lot of players in both teams that the crowd loves because of their freakish ability. I’m excited … and I get a front row seat.”

Prince said the whole week of activities in the build-up to the game is fantastic and he has been “counting down the days” to the match.

“All the boys love doing it … it doesn’t look like a burden on them,” he said. “They really soak it up and enjoy it, working hard and working together both for the NRL and the Indigenous community.”

Generally, pre-season matches are not as intense as actual games, but for Prince, he was pleasantly surprised at the level in which the game was played, a level of high quality.

“Last year was outstanding … we will always play with passion,” he said. “They know they are in for a game.”

Prince, 30, has not played representative football for Queensland and/or Australia since 2008, but he hasn’t given up hope of a call-up.

“I’ve had the opportunity and I look at myself as having been privileged to play State of Origin and for my country,” he said.

“It would have been nice to have played more … but all I can do is play my best each week for the Titans.

“I still have the desire to play for Queensland.”

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