Beau Henry performs better than expected

After putting in a strong debut performance for the Newcastle Knights, there is the belief that he will not only be a back-up to the expected halves combination of Ben Rogers and Jarrod Mullen.

‘‘I think everyone looked good at some stage but particularly for Beau, getting to play a game and getting that out of the way, that will help him build his confidence going into next Saturday against Penrith,’’ Knights coach Rick Stone said.

Despite having reconstructive surgery on his shoulder, Henry showed no ill effects of the injury and put in a good debut performance.

Despite making a few kicks that did not quite go the way Henry had planned, he was satisfied with his performance, but he knows that there is always room for improvement.

‘‘That didn’t feel too bad. I thought I might be a little bit more rusty than that,’’ Henry said.

‘‘It’s been about seven months, so it was good to get that under my belt, but there’s still a lot more improvement.

‘‘I know I’ve still got that in me so I’ve got to get back to training and work hard because it will be a lot tougher next week.

‘‘I was only meant to play 20 or 30 but one of the halves was ruled out injured the other day so I ended up getting put into the starting line-up.

‘‘Playing 60minutes, it felt like I needed it.’’

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