Cowboys defend Thurston over Darwin nightclub incident

Jonathon Thurston has again been involved in a nightclub incident, but the North Queensland Cowboys have jumped immediately to the aid of their star halfback, saying that there is nothing in the incident.

The incident, which occurred in Darwin, is a nothing incident to Cowboys coach Neil Henry saying that claims that Thurston could be in even more trouble as “storm in a tea-cup”.

The claim is that both Thurston and centre Willie Tonga were involved in a beer-flicking incident.

“There was no fight, they weren’t asked to leave the place, no drink was flicked on any patron, no one was refused service, that is exactly the information I’ve heard,” Henry said.

“It is not even worthy of an investigation, there is nothing in it. The team wasn’t under a curfew situation. They had a couple of drinks but they were fine and they weren’t asked to leave.”

The report said that Thurston, Tonga, Matthew Bowen, Shannon Gallant, and assistant coach Peter Ryan were all at the Lost Arc Bar at 1:40 am this morning, when both Thurston and Tonga were involved in a beer-flicking contest.

With their trial against the Broncos in Darwin, this explains why the players were in the area enjoying themselves.

The report also claimed that both players were “clearly intoxicated”, but after they spoke with security, they left on their own accord.

“They had a couple of drinks but they were fine,” Henry said.

“[Football manager Peter Parr] spoke to the people concerned and he is happy with it and so am I.”

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