Ennis may miss first-round clash for Bulldogs

As their rivalry intensifies, Robbie Farah and Michael Ennis will have the chance to battle each other again as the Tigers play the Bulldogs in Rd 1.

For Michael Ennis however, this may not happen, as he is recovering from an surgery, after undergoing a minor knee operation last week.

It would be a blow for the Bulldogs, who will be looking to start the season on the right foot, and with their new recruits looking to make an impact.

“My knee pulled up a bit sore after the All-Stars game and they found out that it needed a bit of a clean-up,” Ennis said.

“There was a bit of muck floating around so I went in and had a 20-minute operation and it all went well. I haven’t run on it yet but I am planning on getting out there this week.”

Ennis played down any reports of rivalry or bad blood between the two, but said that he was eager to get on the field and play against his nemesis, Farah.

“It is an important match, no matter who we play,” Ennis said.

“We want to get off to a good start to the year and show everyone that we have what it takes. I think I should be right for the game and I am definitely planning on playing. Unless there are complications between now and then, they said I will be fine to play.”

Ennis was not playing in the Bulldogs trial on Friday, and he’ll also miss the Bulldogs next trial, to be played next week.

“It would have been nice to have a run and start working on some of the combinations,” he said.

“But it is far better having an operation like that before the season rather than during it.”

Ennis believes that the Bulldogs will also be a better side with their new recruits in Kris Keating, Frank Pritchard, Aiden Tolman and Trent Hodkinson.

“There were some real positive signs against the Dragons on Friday night,” Ennis said.

“I think Aiden Tolman was excellent, so too were Mickey Paea and Michael Hodgson. Our tight guys were really good and I think Jamal Idris showed that he will be a real handful this year.

“I think Trent Hodkinson will be good for us this year too. He has looked really calm in the games he has played and he looks to be a very good player.”

Ennis is also off-contract at the end of 2011, but is looking to stay with the Bulldogs, despite interest from other clubs.

“It is something you can’t not think about when you have three kids,” Ennis said.

“Hopefully, it will all be worked out soon.”

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