Knights make big offer to Idris

Nathan Tinkler’s future tenure at the Knights may be a blessing in disguise, with high profile bids now made for both Kade Snowden and Bulldogs centre Jamal Idris.

Tinkler has made his intentions clear, and he is eager to get Idris to Newcastle, in a deal that would see Idris earn $350,000 a season.

It would be argued however, that Idris is not quite worth that much money as of yet.

“It is something I definitely have to think about,” Idris said.

“Obviously you have to think about an offer that big. It is a lot of money and I guess you have to take it while it is on offer.

“No one from the Bulldogs has talked to me at all. I don’t know what they’re thinking. I don’t know what’s going on.

Todd Greenberg, the Bulldogs Chief Executive has conceded that the Bulldogs may not be able to match the Knights big offer, due to salary cap restraints.

“I understand the Knights have made him a considerable offer and I also know a couple of other clubs are after him,” Greenberg said.

“I’ve heard it’s a big offer. We’ll do everything we can to keep Jamal because he’s a big part of the future of this club. My understanding is that he’s happy here but you can’t take anything for granted, especially after what happened with Kade Snowden last week.

“It’s not easy with the salary cap and we have to do our best.

“We still think we can make Jamal a really good offer, but we won’t get into a bidding war. Ultimately we want Jamal to stay at the Bulldogs for the right reasons, but there will still be a significant offer there.”

The Knights was the first home for Idris, and he played for the club, so a move back to the Hunter area, would bring him closer to his family in Forster.

“It is near home and still not that far from Sydney,” Idris said.

“It’s an in-between point and a good place.”

Idris does however have a preference to stay at Belmore, and both he and the Bulldogs are eager to get a deal in writing, and made official before too long.

“I don’t know anything other than [playing for] the Bulldogs,” Idris said.

“I played Harold Matthews and that with the Knights, but it was too far to travel to go to training so I moved down to play with the Bulldogs.

“I hope they will match what is on offer [from the Knights], but you never really know. I’ll leave that sort of stuff up to my manager.”

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